Close and persistent relationship of mutual benefit.


About Simbionte agency

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Simbionte plays for the team

Wearing the team’s shirt means being 100% involved. In today’s world, where everything needs to be done “yesterday”, it is quite common to come across designers who will act as mere software operators, just doing what the client thinks they need, without committing themselves.

But if the best results are to be achieved, the designer should not take the job as an obligation between contractor and client, but as a working partnership in which he is equally responsible for the success of the project and must contribute all his knowledge and experience in the field to achieve it. The reality is that this will not be reflected instantly, but rather some time after it has been implemented and put into operation.

And that should be the goal of every designer; that his clients, both during the project and in the future -after it has been completed- are proud of having chosen him, satisfied with the work per se and with the fruits reaped in the long term.


To develop constructive, mutually beneficial relationships with each client, in which loyalty and commitment to the cause are paramount.


Bring all available knowledge and experience to analyze and solve each problem with clear goals, ensuring short and long term results.


That every company and entrepreneur knows the importance and role of visual communication, beyond the potential for aesthetic enrichment.

Notas clavadas en una cartelera


Focusing on functionality

Simbionte makes every decision based on the particular objectives of each project in question. Once the objectives are established, after a previous analysis of the company, product, market, usability and user in context, we work on the message and the medium (the way in which it will be transmitted, either textually or graphically).

Each element, word and color should fulfill a specific function, otherwise they should not appear. Unless one of the objectives is to overwhelm, distract or generate a chaotic sensation, it is usually a better practice to choose a less complex path. Thus, facilitating clarity, appeal and recognition of the form. Logos, for example, are usually adapted to very small sizes according to the circumstances in which they are applied; in these cases, complex shapes are lost and legibility is difficult, especially in printed media since ink expands on paper.

The man behind the mask

Ernesto Calvo

Simbionte is an alias and behind it is a person like you and me... especially me.

Something that fascinates me about design is the process of developing ideas in the face of the challenge of starting each work blank, not knowing with any certainty where it will lead me.

But what I enjoy the most is when design is mixed with art and I have to spend entire dawns doing photomanipulations or digital painting.

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Tools of the Trade
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